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Who says veggies have to be boring?

I got this new toy, a spiral vegetable slicer, for Christmas (yes I’m finally just now using it)  and I absolutely LOVE it, as doView full post »

A New Staple for Us Thanks to Powerful Paleo Superfoods (by Heather Connell)

My sweet, beautiful, strong and talented friend Heather Connell, author of has come out with a new amazing book,View full post »

Protein powders and Tate makes a smoothie

I’m frequently asked about protein powders. I have never been able to recommend one because, honestly, I eat enough protein withoutView full post »

Another simple recipe (and is the microwave killing our food?)

Okay so here is the other ultra easy meal we are having this week. I tend to do many variations of this recipe so it might seem similarView full post »

It’s May…who has time to cook??

May has to be busiest month of the year! Between trying to juggle sports, end of the year activities, and swim team practice every day,View full post »

For Real Donut Holes…

Alice has really gotten into baking lately, which I have to say, makes me proud. While she can cook an entire recipe on her own, we areView full post »

Brunswick Stew Paleo Style

Would you believe it was 33 degrees here in Atlanta this morning?! It is Spring…right? Anyway, I thought it would be a good day toView full post »

We have a new burger!

Don’t you feel like – especially as the seasons change – you are in need of some new recipes and ideas, because you’re justView full post »

I Hope it’s Not this Confusing for the Easter Bunny!

It’s finally Spring!! And, I cannot believe tomorrow is April 1st. Phew! With that said, Easter is just right around the corner. IView full post »

Havana Pork Loin

I was looking for a different flavor from our regular meals and thought some Cuban pork would hit the spot. I know the pictureView full post »

Paleo Kung Pao Chicken Dish…

“Oh my gosh. This is. The best dinner. Ever.  I mean…I can’t even explain the taste…it’s soView full post »

An old favorite – Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops

I posted this one years ago when I first started the blog. The pictures from that first shoot didn’t turn out too well, which IView full post »