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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Scott’s turn…the BEST addition to your meat, EVER.

Buying that big green egg for my husband really was THE best give I ever got him. Who knew years ago he (or me for that matter!) wouldView full post »

WOW is all I can say…

So my hubby and I went out last night for our anniversary dinner last weekend and I had the most amazing desert I think I’ve everView full post »

Love Whole Foods Friday special

Every other Friday Whole Foods will have a special on something whether it’s blueberries or roast, but last Friday it was salmon.View full post »

Be proud of yourself!

So I’ve talked to numerous people doing the Whole 30, and have heard different results across the board. First, if you did it (orView full post »

Hearty jambalaya with “rice”

I dont know if it was the nasty weather here yesterday or what but Scott and I were both craving something hearty and having recentlyView full post »

Kind of a random non-post, post

Just two quick things for today… So over the past few months I have referenced or linked to many things that I love (from handView full post »

Nutty bars rock!

The kids have been into granola lately and wanted to be able to offer them something without the oats, even though there are some goodView full post »

It’s all about the marketing…

So I made this fantastic pizza with homemade crust for the family yesterday and the reviews were, well, less than stellar. I have to beView full post »

Are you too acidic?

If you have read my blog, you’ve probably have heard me mention things about being alkaline versus acidic.  I think having a goodView full post »

A feel good treat…

So, on a cold day like today, I wanted to make something yummy and warm for the kids for this afternoon. But, I also wanted toView full post »

Stir fried “rice”…

I get so excited when I find something new I love and after eating this for lunch the past few days, I think I love it even more now. IView full post »

Something quick & easy…

Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day. So last night, I quickly threw together these delicious wraps. This is what IView full post »