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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Who doesn’t love girl scout cookies?

Okay, well I’ll admit it, I don’t…well, at least not the ingredients anyway.  But, seeing that it’s GirlView full post »

Yummy Apple Pork TENDERloin…

I love pork loin because it’s relatively easy to make. The worst part is just cutting off the fat, and that weird white thing onView full post »

Ahhh, Saturday mornings….

I think what my husband misses the most from eating Paleo (most of the time anyway) is biscuits.  So, on the weekends or every once inView full post »

Sweeteners 101…

Let me start this post with saying that I don’t generally recommend sweets except for an occasional treat. But, when I am baking, IView full post »

Creamy spaghetti squash…

Who needs noodles when there’s spaghetti squash? I use to make this all the time back when I lived in San Francisco and honestly,View full post »

I think she has perfected it!

Alright, clearly I don’t make squash chips enough.  I know I posted on these when I very first started this blog but these areView full post »

Grin-ila, as Tate says…

Tate has always called granola, “grin-ila”, which I just can’t bring myself to correct him, not yet anyway. Anyway, IView full post »

A classroom treat…

I’ve had many people ask what they can do for their kid’s birthday celebration or class treats at school because now days soView full post »

I’m proud of this one…

So I’ve been wanting to make a stroganoff type dish lately but wasn’t sure exactly where to start since most contain thingsView full post »


SOME FAVORITE HOLIDAY RECIPES Sweet Potato Casserole   The Best Paleo (or not) Chocolate Pie ever  Turkey, Broccoli Casserole,View full post »

Do something different…

So, I have to admit that I get in a workout rut – a lot. But I do love my schedule, and as long as I get in my morning workouts,View full post »

Chocolate chip cookie do’h!

So it isn’t paleo, but it is still a HECK of a lot better for you than the traditional cookie dough. If you like cookie dough,View full post »