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A classroom treat…

I’ve had many people ask what they can do for their kid’s birthday celebration or class treats at school because now days so many kids have allergies to dyes, gluten, sugar, etc. and we don’t ever want to leave anyone out, right? Not to mention, do we really need even more sweets at school? Another rant, another day. Anyway, this is something easy I do for my kids school birthday celebrations and guess what, the kids love it because it’s fun, and yummy! We also have done it with bananas, green apples, etc. This crockpot is awesome for in the classroom or at a party, especially at $13. But we’ll also, at home, we’ll just use a coffee mug, add some chocolate chips, heat in the microwave 45 seconds and you’re good to go! This truly is the easiest, and probably the healthiest dessert!

Clearly before school and digging into the chocolate…

Now in the past I’ve done this for Alice’s (my 2nd grader) class. Turns out it’s a little different doing it for 3-4 year olds, and a little messier. In fact, Tate wanted to be the helper in his classroom, so needless to say, he was a wreck with his shirt and pants completely covered in chocolate. Unfortunatenly, not too long after we got home, we had to make a trip to the ER (Tate hit his head and needed just a few stitches), so between the blood from his head, and the chocolate all over his clothes, he looked like something out of Chainsaw Massacre when we walked into the hospital. Oh, and don’t let your 3 year old with slippery fingers carry the crock pot to the car. Turns out, the pot insides will shatter, all over the parking deck. What a day. Phew.

Happy almost 4th birthday Tater!

  • Kathryn - This is a great idea! I have two little ones and I’m amazed at what parents bring to school for parties, snacks, etc. I’ve been touring schools and can’t believe what they serve in lunchrooms. Public or private, doesn’t matter – the lunches are all pretty disappointing. There is so much sugar and artificial dyes – very frustrating.ReplyCancel

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