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Monthly Archives: October 2012

I always get the artichoke dish….

More times than not, whenever we go to a restaurant and I see something with artichokes on the menu, I end up getting it.  I loveView full post »

Snack Cookies!

It’s gotten really cold outside today, well, at least for Atlanta, and after being out there this morning working, I wanted someView full post »

Paleo pretzels!

So I learned about a way to make paleo pretzels, where the kids could roll and play with the dough.  And it actually worked!  It wasView full post »

Garlic does more than just scare vampires…

I love strong spices like garlic and ginger.  But I also love what these two things can do, especially for our kids this time of yearView full post »

It’s finally chili in Atlanta!

I know, I know, corny title. Anyway, I’m sorry it’s been a week since I’ve posted but with my busy time of year with myView full post »

Great paleo treat to kick off the fall season!

Why in the world is pumpkin bread called “bread”? Why not pumpkin cake? Because I think it would be more apt for sure!View full post »

Allergies, our kids, and a fabulous allergy-free meal…

A while ago, I wrote a post wondering why so many kids have allergies nowadays.  I was curious because there are so many more kidsView full post »

A treat for me!

I love seafood.  All seafood. But so many times I’ll stand in front of the seafood department and have such a hard time decidingView full post »