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Great kid-friendly (dairy-free and vegetarian) protein powder!

It’s harder in the summer, as I’ve said before, to have good healthy protein around that this little guy will eat. LookView full post »

Super-easy, kid-friendly, healthy (non-paleo) dinner for summer…

Agggh, why don’t the words “cooking'” and “summer” go together lately??  I just can’t getView full post »

4th of July and Pigs in a Blanket…

The 4th of July is about traditions (at least for us: see old 4th of July traditions post)! And while for many of us, hot dogsView full post »

Crispy Baked Buffalo Wings for Memorial Day…

Having company over for Memorial Day? Fresh out of the oven, these crispy buffalo wings are so good no one will even know they are glutenView full post »

It’s May! Who has time to cook??

As we enter the final stretch of the school year, who has time to cook? With class activities, sports, clubs, and now swim teamView full post »

Food intolerance symptoms: they may not be what you think. And, a simple lunch…

When we think about food intolerances, we tend to associate them with stomach aches, bloating, constipation/diarrhea. And yes, those canView full post »

We don’t have to be perfect (and fab chocolate chip cookies!)…

I believe there is a bit of a misconception about eating healthy.  I suppose some of us may think that we have to doView full post »

cinnamon bun biscuits!

So my intent was to get this recipe out to you guys in time for Easter breakfast and, well, it just didn’t happen. But I promise itView full post »

Easy Spring dinner…thai chicken curry

It is that crazy time of year when even though the days are longer with daylight savings, they actually seem shorter with sports,View full post »

The Best Paleo Pizza Crust Out There!

And as much as I love my cauliflower crust pizza, this was a fun change for me because for the first time in years, I had a paleo pizzaView full post »


These are a couple from emails that I have randomly received over the years that I wanted to share. With their permission, I wanted youView full post »

“It’s better than Sprite, mom” and a trillion times healthier (literally)

I hope everyone had a great Spring Break week whether you stayed at home or traveled. We were fortunate enough to be able to spend someView full post »