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It’s May! Who has time to cook??

As we enter the final stretch of the school year, who has time to cook? With class activities, sports, clubs, and now swim team practice, cooking in the later afternoons/evenings just isn’t even an option. So to make things as easy as possible, I asked my husband grill ALL of this chicken (from Costco) this past weekend. It was a little over 4 lbs of chicken and now we have three meals, ready for go for the week. If grilling isn’t an option, you can also cut all of the meat into bite sized pieces, cooked it in some coconut oil and let it cook for about 20 minutes or until it was no longer pink in the middle. Then set it aside to make some of the following dishes in this post.

_DSC6715 cr

Scott put just salt and pepper on most of the chicken but did put some of his homemade rub on 2 pieces. So now we will have BBQ chicken with some veggies (made from some of our easiest veggies recipe post) and some Quinoa and Kale (see below) one night, warm Buffalo Chicken Slaw another night, and one of our favorite chicken salads, Curry Apple Chicken Salad. Done and done! And it only took me about an hour today to get it all ready. An hour’s worth of work for almost a week’s worth of meal is certainly a good trade off!
Here are a few other simple and yummy chicken recipes you could use:
Oh, and speaking of Costco (it’s where we got the chicken above), while we were there the other day, Tate and I sampled this Quinoa and Kale, and we both LOVED it! Alice didn’t love it until I heated some up on the stove and added some good grass-fed butter. She the gobbled hers all up. What is also so great about this is you can add a good olive oil, some Tessemae’s, guacamole or even hot sauce (per Tate’s suggestion) and almost make a meal out of it. 
_DSC6704 c
Good luck moms  and dads getting through these final weeks of school before summer break and be sure to enjoy them, too! 

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