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Great kid-friendly (dairy-free and vegetarian) protein powder!

It’s harder in the summer, as I’ve said before, to have good healthy protein around that this little guy will eat. Look him. Stubborn as a bull….

(Peachtree Road Race costumes in case anyone is wondering)


But, then we found this protein powder and oh my goodness…is it good! Think “Plain Chocolate” or “PC” if you’re familiar with The Varsity in Atlanta, or Nestle Chocolate Milk. I love that is has 20 grams of protein and 5 mg of iron.  I wanted Tate to like it so I made it with only almond milk, about 2 tbsp of the protein powder and a couple of ice cubes the first few times we made it. Tate likes it with the ice not completely blended so he gets that “PC” feel. Lately we’ve been adding a handful or two of spinach (we blend that first with our high speed blender with about 1/4 cup water for about 45 seconds) and then add in the almond (original) milk and powder and you can’t tell a difference in taste but you sure can in energy (at least that’s what I tell him:) ).  It’s not sweet enough for your kids, which it is actually really pretty sweet thanks to the stevia they use, but you could add in a couple of drops of your own 100% pure stevia. It is also great with some almond butter for extra good fat or protein or even 1/4 of an avocado. Have fun and be creative with your protein smoothie!


He REALLY does LOVE this stuff and so do I! I know it’s not “paleo” for the strict paleo following folks. I actually use this one that is “paleo-approved” and made with a grass-fed beef. I will be honest, mentally I had a little bit of a hard time with the thought of drinking beef, but I am able to digest it better than the pea protein powder and it tastes very similar. Just be sure to choose whichever protein powder that works/digests best with your body. 


One other way my kids been getting in some extra protein (and fiber) is with these Tolerant Red Lentil Noodles. They aren’t my kids first choice for noodles but sometimes on a Friday or babysitter night we will give the kids some gluten Free Annie’s Mac and Cheese with our favorite Bell and Evans Gluten free nuggets. But sometimes during the week, I’ll ask the kids if they want some mac and cheese but I’m only making with the lentil noodles (and the Annie’s powdered cheese) and they are only so happy to have them that way. I love that they can have a gluten free, low glycemic, protein (21 grams per serving) and high fiber (13 grams) filled mac and cheese (not dairy-free). And it’s so easy for me to make, too!


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