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It’s May…who has time to cook??

May has to be busiest month of the year! Between trying to juggle sports, end of the year activities, and swim team practice every day, seriously, who has time to cook? We get home by 7:00 most nights, just in time to prep dinner, eat, shower, do homework, read and get to bed…all by 7:30 (my kids typical bed time). Yeah, right…

So for all of your crazy-busy hard working people out there, I’m going to share two ridiculously easy recipes to help get you though this final week of school.  Both include using Tessemae’s so if you’re making a trip to Whole Foods tomorrow, get a bottle of their Southwest Ranch and a bottle of their Ginger Soy. They’re good to have on hand anyway!

Here is one meal that has become a weekly occurrence because it is so easy and tasty. All you have to do is marinate some chicken with some Tessemae’s salad dressing for at least 1 hour or overnight)—we love Southwest Ranch—and either grill (I can’t give you cooking times since my husband is the one who grills, and I just asked him and he said “cook it until it’s done”. So helpful, right??) or you can bake it at 350F for 35 or so minutes if whole/half pieces or 25-30 minutes if you cut it into bite sized pieces. Done and done. Add some roasted broccoli, sauté some asparagus in some ghee, or whatever and you’re good to go. One meal down.


Happy last week of school…and carpool!!

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Check back for meal number two later this week!

  • kay conboy - i am always looking for fast and tasty recipes. Thanks Landria. We are looking forward to seeing you in June. Aunt KayReplyCancel

    • landriav - Thanks Kay! Looking forward to seeing y’all too!!ReplyCancel

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