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It’s almost Christmas…

And with it rapidly approaching, I thought I better start testing out some things I’m going to make for Christmas eve dinner andView full post »

‘Tis the season…

It’s honestly so rare that I drink, but this time of year with all of the parties and get togethers, well, it’s just nice to kick backView full post »

Tasty appreciation….

My kids have really amazing teachers this year so wanted to do a little something different rather than just buying a gift, so ofView full post »

Craving some Thai…

Once in awhile I still miss a good Thai dish and this Thai Curry Chicken dish completely satisfies that craving. What I love about thisView full post »

Bacon makes everything yummy!

The other morning we made these for a different kind of breakfast, and to be honest, they were pretty freaking good!  So much so thatView full post »

Everyone should own one of these…

No, not Alice’s super cute friend, but the tools I use for stretching.  They can tremendously help runners and non-runners alike.View full post »

Who doesn’t love BBQ?

This is another crock pot favorite of mine I use to eat years ago. I will still eat some of it sans the kidney beans and just use aView full post »

Gingerbread cookies, elf approved

After getting our Christmas tree yesterday and decorating the house (or at least attempting to get started), it just felt like a day forView full post »

Love Ratatouille!

What I love about this recipe is it tastes just like a supreme pizza with the bell peppers, onions, sausage and cheese. It’s SOView full post »

Cupcakes as promised…

I love (grain-free) cupcakes, cake, brownies, well, baked goods of any kind really, for special occasions.  Being gluten free, you stillView full post »

One thing I’m thankful for…

Aside from my loving family and our health, I’m thankful for my sweet dad. Today is his birthday and knowing he’s on thisView full post »

Slow cooker spiced garlic chicken stew…

Ok, I know…lots of chicken lately, but for the longest time the thought of cutting the fat off of another dull chicken breastView full post »