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I love Asheville…

I had the most wonderful weekend with my husband in Asheville, NC. We got to sleep in, eat fabulous food (and there was plenty ofView full post »

Paleo pumpkin muffins

I love warm baked goods time time of year, especially all things pumpkin.  I know most pumpkin bread/muffin recipes tend to be prettyView full post »

Nothing like some black bean soup…

To warm you up on a cool day like today. My kids love this stuff! It’s a great snack, side, meal, or it even makes for a really goodView full post »

Coffee….or Cacao?!

Since I quit all caffeine March of this year (I drank coffee since the 11th grade!),  I have been surprised at how much I really don’tView full post »

I must confess…

So I made a lasagna for the first time in years and it was delicious!  My daughter tried it and said, “Mom, I love it, but what areView full post »

Snack time!

I think snacks can be the trickiest thing we have to feed our kids. We all want convenience, but we also want healthy options.View full post »

Chocolate Macaroons!

So my lovely in-laws came over the other evening for dinner and they are always such sports eating whatever simple healthy food I’mView full post »

Chicken Tuscan Soup…

After a rainy dreary day like today, I couldn’t wait to get my little man down for a nap so I could make some soup. A friend of mineView full post »

Why are we so afraid of fat?

This is a long one, but, it’s important… Okay, I know, I know, we all grew up with the notion that fat makes us fat. We were all on theView full post »

Yummy chicken gumbo…

I’ll admit, when it was cooking this, I looked at it and thought, okay, this isn’t going to be my favorite. But after eating it, andView full post »

Another easy veggie…

We love our asparagus! It’s so easy to make and can be fun to eat. Here is a bit of a twist on our regular steamed asparagus, and asView full post »

Love a good burger….

Well, summer is over, but I am really on a burger kick lately. I am loving bison, chuck, sirloin, (I’d like to try lamb soon) whatever.View full post »