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Yay!  It’s almost here and it is one of my favorite holidays of the year.  I love the weather, the pretty fall leaves, the kiddos dressing up and of course, the “TRICK OR TREAT!” screams heard from around the neighborhood.  And I know, it’s THE candy holiday but really, it doesn’t have to be just about the candy.  And we don’t have to go crazy with it or let it be an excuse to be a glutton, especially a glutton of sugar.  But, it can be just as fun without the massive amounts.  My kids like getting the candy because they know they can “turn it in” so to speak for a little toy or even just cash.  And yes, I do let them have their share of candy the first, and even the second night, but then it’s time to get it out of the house, for everyone’s sake.

Some might say what is the fun in getting all of that candy knowing you’re going to “turn it in”? Well, I’ll tell you, my girl likes to earn and save her money so she is very motivated knowing she can get a piece of candy worth say .10 or .25 cents (mommy & daddy pay out).  We could just give her a certain amount or let her pick out a small toy, but it’s nice for her to be able to give her that goal to get more, and then count it all up (since she is learning about money now) and figure out what she can get.  And talk about motivated to “work” that night! She loves it and has so much fun!

Some people have asked what we are giving out.  As much candy as the kids get, I thought it would be fun for them to get little something different.  I know, I’m that lady…but at least I’m not giving out apples.  I bet some of you thought I might try that!  But hey, I do get it.  Who is going to eat a snickers and then grab for an apple?  You just can’t compete with that and why even try.  Anyway, we are handing out fake fingers, glow in the dark fangs, erasers, pencils, and Halloween silly bands.  I hope it might be fun for some of the kids to get something different. I may get egged, but I’m not too worried, there is more than enough candy out there for the kids…