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When you’re on the road (without a kitchen) and need snacks!

Hi all, 

My husband and I just got back in town from a great anniversary trip in Utah. We had an absolute blast doing our favorite things together. I will say, though, this trip was a little different for us…well, for me. I don’t know if it’s the “forty” thing or hormones, or what, but I had a new sense of caution in me. And to be honest, I didn’t like, not one little bit. For the first time mountain biking, I was nervous. And this is coming from the girl who would fly down Northside Drive on her road bike, at 48 mph or mountain bike down a hill like rocks were pillows and trees were like big stems of broccoli. I even got nervous hiking on a high semi-narrow trail (not as narrow as I’d like to admit). What happened to me?? Has anyone else experienced a new found caution or nervousness in their lives. Maybe it’s a part of getting old. Or, maybe, just maybe, I’ve finally grown up. (Insert me stomping my foot here).

Please excuse the poor iphone quality of these photos but it was a lot easier to carry than that my big fancy camera! Anyway, I know I’m a total dork but look how cute my hubby is! 

We hiked, and biked and biked and biked. I love mountain biking and so does Scott. But…see the last pic? Yes, it was the first day of biking but how pitiful is that? I saw (just past those short bushes on the left) a big drop off and well, kinda freaked out and then couldn’t unclip my pedals.  That fall certainly didn’t add to my confidence for the rest of the ride. Fortunately confidence grew (a little) and the other rides were super fun, but I was still more cautious that ever before.


Sadly our trip had to end, and we had to get back to reality.

On the plane ride home, I noticed people getting their little complimentary bag of pretzels containing 5 pretzels at the most. They looked  totally unsatisfied. I think they thought if they looked hard enough in their tiny pretzel bags, another pretzel just might show up. I didn’t blame them. 5 really? Anyway, I know they say clean eating or gluten/dairy free eating is tough, especially when traveling, but we were eating like kings (in comparison to others on our flight). I brought many snacks for our flights and daily excursions. I know it’s all packaged stuff, but for snacks on the road, these worked out well for us!

Here  were some of the things we brought: pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, dark chocolate (this was vacation after all!) and some dark chocolate sea salt Kind bars. Those things are like candy bars! Have you tried them? 


I actually included 4-5 bags of kale chips. I know it’s kind of a lot, but I always try to be prepared! While they are expensive and not something I do all the time, they are super delicious. 

I did explore a local Utah grocery store (some girls go to fun shops when they travel…I go to grocery stores). Anyway, I love seeing what other stores have, especially any out West. I thought this quinoa treat called I heart Keenwah would be a nice little treat for my son’s lunch box, but it turns out, I love I heart Keenwah. It’s not something I would typically eat since I follow Paleo pretty strictly but again, it was vacation (that just made me sound so uptight, didn’t it?) and it had chocolate!!

Yes, this deserves it’s own picture. Or…I may have forgotten to put it in the picture above.


Oh and since we didn’t have any restaurant options for the flight home, we got black bean Beanitos with some guacamole we bought the day before at the local grocery store (fortunately we had a refrigerator in our room). I was nervous at the airport that guacamole might have counted as a “gel”, but we made it through security without any problems.  The good news is many grocery stores have guacamole pre-made and while most aren’t organic (even Whole Foods), I didn’t worry about it since I don’t buy thick skinned fruits (like avocado and melons) organic anyway. 


Happy fall break and safe travels if you’re on the road!


  • Susan - Landria – I eat one of those Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Kind Bars EVERY day and have for months. I’m totally addicted. šŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Landria - Ha, me too Susan!! Have you tried the chocolate cinnamon pecan one? That one is really good too!!ReplyCancel

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