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Surprisingly awesome and crazy easy side…

So my buddy Dan from Trader Joe’s, who will also be with me on Sunday August the 4th at our Prep Your Kids for Success (with Nutrition) event, introduced me to a couple of new awesome things from Trader Joe’s to get ready for the event. He showed me one of his favorite veggies mixes and said it was “hugely popular”. How have I missed this for so long?  Anyway, to be honest, I may have also “missed” this because I am not a huge fan of radishes and bell peppers. Regardless, I thought we’d give it a shot.

Okay, please ignore my son’s dirty stubbed Fred Flintstone toes, but I am heading out of town tomorrow morning and this was the picture I had on my camera. I meant to take one after him and totally forgot (he likes taking pictures).  Anyway, the ingredients are (and don’t judge whether you like all ingredients or not — I’m telling you, just try it!) broccoli, carrots, jicama, green bell peppers, green and red cabbage, radishes, and celery.

Anyway, I’m so excited about this mix I’m typing this up before we even have dinner because we loved it and it was crazy easy (I swear I must say “easy” 300 times on this site, don’t I?).  Anyway, as I was sauteing it, I really thought, the kids are going to pick out the broccoli and carrots and eat just those, and probably complain the whole meal. But they had quite the opposite reaction. Tate and Alice LOVED it equally!! We ate almost all of it before Scott even got home for dinner (sorry Scott!). All I did was saute the veggies in about 1-2 tbsp of Kerrygold butter (or ghee) and then added about 1 tbsp of the Tessamae’s Soy Ginger dressing (totally optional). I also added some celtic salt but I add that to everything!

I love finding a new staple, and it will be a new one for us for sure. I can’t wait to try it with other dressing, oils, spices, etc. Dan said it was even good with just olive oil, salt and pepper.

While I am trying to photograph the veggies, Alice was working on eating more. Nice spoon, Alice.

Even George wanted some…

Oh and then at the same time, my son (who if you know him well this won’t surprise you) was riding around pretending to be the ice cream man.

He concocted something to tote the “ice cream” in and even set the iPad in his “truck” to play some super annoying music (from a music making app) that wasn’t too far off from the real ice cream man’s music. So Tate. This kid is going to kill me…

And yeah, I know, my son is typically in a bathing suit or his skivvies. He just likes to wear as little as possible at home and well, this is us, this is him, for better or worse.


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