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Appetizers anyone?

My kids, probably like most, really seem to like hanging around the kitchen while I’m cooking, kind of like sharks. I use to hear the whining sounds of “I want a snack. I need something to eat”. So now, we do our own nightly “appetizer”. This just means I let the kids eat their greens first. It has really been a sure fire way to make sure they not only get their veggies (and “snack”) but they also tend to eat 3-4xs more veggies this way. We’ll do steamed broccoli (in evoo, celtic sea salt, and sometimes raw parmesan cheese), steamed asparagus (sesame oil, sesame seeds and gluten free tamari soy sauce), or roasted brussel sprouts, okra, etc. I’ll post some more recipes/ideas later.

Anyway, one of my kids favorite app is squash chips. They are so easy to make! Set oven to bake 450. Slice squash about a quarter inch thick. Spray cookie sheet with olive or coconut oil and place squash flat on tray. Spray with oil again and then sprinkle some celtic sea salt, garlic powder, parmesan cheese, pepper, whatever you like. Let them cook 15 or so minutes on one side (when the bottom side is light brown, that is when you flip them.), then flip and cook same amount of time. Keep an eye on them because it will depend on the thickness of how you cut it as to how fast it cooks. Once they look like they are starting to be nice and light brown, turn the oven off and let them continue to cook. After 5 minutes I usually pull out a few that are done and then put them back in for about 10 more minutes.