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Dekalb Farmer’s Market Rocks!

And not just because it’s so fun to see all of the fish heads, octopus, goat, cow liver, hearts and tongue (I could go on), but there is also an amazing selection of grass fed beef, all types of seafood, spices, oils, and of course the amazing fruits and vegetables. I need a new refrigerator! The food there is amazing, and cheap! Grass fed sirloin is $3 less per pound than Whole Foods! And the muffins, oh the muffins. I know, I’m Paleo and dont eat muffins, I really don’t, even if they are made with brown rice and gluten free, and some sugar, but these muffins are certainly enough reason to bike or run just long enough to earn that that recovery food. We all have to cheat once in awhile, right?