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Alice’s lemonade treat…

I know, I know, there haven’t been a lot of “meal” recipes lately and for that, I apologize. But with summer here, I’ve just been sticking to some quick basics.  I think things will slow a bit in July and then will be back on it, but for now, I’m just having fun making treats with my kids.

So my daughter used her own money to purchase an American Girl doll, Kanai, awhile back. According to Kanai’s book, she is from Hawaii and her family owns a snow cone shop. Well, after reading about it, it just kind of makes you want one, so Alice decided to make her own. It is going to sound too simple, but really it was so good and refreshing. It doesn’t have to be hard to make or time consuming or bad for you to taste good!!

Here’s what you need for 2 servings:

  • 3-4 lemons
  • stevia
  • ice
  • blender

Start cutting lemons in half and squeezing into a small bowl. If kids are helping, you may want to chop lemon into 4 pieces so it’s easier to squeeze.

Add 10 drops of stevia per lemon so for 3 lemons we probably used about 1/8 tsp in all.

Next, throw about 2-3 cups worth of ice into a blender. You may need a lot more for snowballs if you have two little boys running around your house like we did.

Then, once your ice is finely blended, scoop into 2 cups, pour your lemon stevia mixture over the ice, stir well, and enjoy.

My proud girl. Thank goodness! Honestly, I thought these weren’t going to be all that good, but turns out, she knew what she was doing!

Oh, and it’s actually better after about 10 minutes once the ice has started to melt, so wait, if you can!

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