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You win some, you loose some…

But you have to keep on trying, right?

So, I keep hearing about how amazing liver is for you. I have to admit, I’ve never had it before, but really wanted to try it. I love the idea of my kids getting all of those super nutrients in their bodies! So, I thought what better way to try it than to fry it. I used lots of almond flour and LOTS of butter (Kerrygold).

Anything is good fried, right? Apparently not. My brave little girl would completely disagree with you. And I have to admit, I tried it too….I almost gagged. BUT, now we know, no more liver for us, ever ever ever again.

There have been so many recipes that I have made that just aren’t perfect (most aren’t). But only with trial and error, will you (1), learn how to make things just the way you like them and (2), learn what you (and your family) does, and does not like. Liver could have been a new family staple for all we know. Turns out it’s not, but now we know. We just have to keep on trying…

By the way, this was post shower for Alice. We’re not really that earthy.