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Salads for summer!

Now that it’s warm out, I am really enjoying eating more salads, but I was in need of some new dressing ideas. I bought some avocado oil the other day (on amazon for a decent price compared to the grocery stores) because it’s one of the few good fats that cooks well on higher heat, but honestly I’m really just enjoying using it on my salads. My new favorite homemade salad dressing consists of avocado oil, fresh lemon juice, (touch of honey is optional) and some celtic salt and pepper. How simple is that? It’s very refreshing.

I also found a nice list of some paleo homemade dressings here. If you make any, you’ll have to let me know what you think.


We also tried a different salad mix and dressing yesterday and it was awesome!! The salad mix was from Organic Girl, Viva La France with the Mache that we love.

Even George wanted some of it…

So our new very favorite salad dressing is called Tessemae’s.  We purchased it at Whole Foods but check out the site to see where else it’s sold.  It’s gluten free, sugar free, dairy free and made with only natural ingredients. It is amazing!!!

This was our family’s dinner with the Organic Girl Viva La France, Tessemae’s Balsamic, and some grass fed beef, cherry tomatoes and avocado…

Alice loved this salad dressing and salad combo SO much, she had 3 helpings for dinner last night and then 2 servings again at lunch today!!! Definitely a winner at our house! Tessemae’s has many other flavors that I am really looking forward to trying but we started with their balsamic. Have you guys tried this brand? If so, what was your favorite??

By the way, so we finally decided to clean out the kids’ sandbox so we could plant our garden.  What a perfect area and it was a fun project to do with the kids. After getting out all of the sand, we took an exciting trip to Farmer D’s to get our organic garden supplies. But when they mentioned that we must get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight on our new garden area, and I realized we got maybe 2 since we have an umbrella of trees covering our backyard, I realized, huh, this isn’t going to work. Very disappointing!! Always do your research first, especially if you’re working on something you know NOTHING about. Duh! Well, hopefully we can revisit this idea in the fall when all of the leaves fall off the trees.

Any ideas on what to do now with a big empty sandbox??? Ugh!


  • Natalie - Hi there! Just wanted to comment about using avocado oil for high heat. It is a common misconception that virgin avocado oil has a high smoke point. Smoke points of 500 plus degrees can only be achieved when avocado oil is refined. The particular one you are using smokes at 350 degrees. Keep using it for your awesome looking salad dressings, but it wouldn’t be any better to cook with then olive oil. If you’re interested in a great high heat cooking oil, try a naturally refined expeller pressed avocado oil.

    • landriav - Great to know. Thanks so much for the info Natalie!!ReplyCancel

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