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Our first CSA experience…

Can you believe it took me this long!? And, it was awesome and so much fun thanks to Wendy B. for sharing her meal this week.  Hope you’re having a fabulous vacation!

Of course the first thing the kids grabbed for was the carrots. What veggie is more fun to eat than a “rabbit” carrot?

It was like Christmas morning going through a stocking. So cool! Now, the interesting part, how do we cook all of this??

I think Tate enjoyed this more than I did…

Now on to the prep…

It was really fun playing the whole dinner by ear. I started with the zucchini and summer squash. Since making the creamy zucchini, I’ve learned I really enjoy sauteed zucchini, especially when dried a bit so it can get brown. I grated it and squeezed out the water (you’d be surprised how much is in there). Then I added salt and let it sit while I got the rest of the dinner prepared. Once I did saute it, I just cooked it in ghee and salt until brown. Yum…

Next, on to the carrots.  I guess both fortunately, and unfortunately the kids gobbled up most of them for their “appetizer” so there weren’t many left to roast.  I didn’t use cinnamon (like in the picture) but rather used parsley and they turned out great. Just cook them on 425 for about 20-25 minutes until brown.

My daughter who was so sure she didn’t like cooked carrots ate most of them!

Next was the kale, chard, choi combo bag. I honestly had no idea what do to with this stuff so when in doubt, I’ll use coconut oil, salt and pepper.  I ended up adding a dash of tamari (gluten free soy sauce) and it was great and so flavorful.  It also went well with the semi chicken (not) wraps (ground chicken, salt, fresh garlic from the CSA, onions, tamari, and water chestnuts) I ended up throwing together. 

So here’s our final dinner. No, I don’t really have any big recipes to share, but I did want to share our CSA experience. It was a lot of fun for everyone, and the food tasted amazing! You just can’t beat this freshness!!!

Thank you again Wendy and CSA Burke Organics!

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