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Easiest meal I’ve made in awhile…

Things seem so busy lately! Is it the new fall schedules, the school meetings, the sports activities, or the job? Or, were we just incredibly spoiled by a lazy summer and didn’t even realize it??  Anyway, regardless, time was short tonight, so I pulled out this jar of sauce I bought months ago.  I was a little skeptical since I don’t tend to use pre-made sauces, but as soon as I opened the jar and took a whiff, I knew this was going to be good.  And it was! So good that Tate literally jumped up from eating and ran over to give me a hug and say “Thanks mom! This is the best dinner ever!!”.  Hmm, “ever”? I’m so happy he liked it, but wish I could credit for this one.

Alright so I got this stuff from Whole Foods (also available online Vitacost, Amazon, or click here to do a search for location that sells it near you) for $4 and it was worth every penny.   They have about 4 other sauces but the others sounded spicy and my daughter and husband are what we called “spice wimps” in our family.   This Jalfrezi one says “Medium hot” but has zero “hot” spice to it.  Has anyone else tried the other flavors?

At first I thought, this has too many ingredients, but then I realized most of them are just spices and real ingredients.

I used 2 lbs of chicken and a jar and a half of Jalfrezi sauce.  All you need to do it cut up the chicken into bite sized pieces (or use a Whole Foods rotisserie chicken if in a real rush).  Then heat large pan on high and put about 1 tbsp coconut oil in the pan. Cook the chicken until it’s brown on both sides.

Then lower the stove to simmer, add sauce and about 2 handfuls of spinach, let cook for about 15 minutes, and enjoy! So easy!!

As for our side, as the saying goes, bacon makes anything yummy and this certainly enhanced our broccoli.  Just cut up the broccoli crowns,  3-4 slices of pork bacon (nitrate free) into small pieces, and 5 or so garlic cloves (Trader Joe’s pre-pealed of course) and put it all in a large bowl.  Then,  pour  2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, add celtic sea salt, and stir until well coated.   Lay out flat (as possible) on cookie sheet and roast on 400 for about 35 minutes, turning the broccoli every 10-15 minutes.

Most of the bacon was cooked but once I pulled out all of the broccoli, I put the remaining bacon back in the stove for about 5 more minutes. We like our bacon crispy!

I could have just eaten this for dinner!

Everyone was happy!

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  • Jordan5 - Looks delicious! I’ll have to purchase this on my next trip to Whole Foods. Everyone needs an “emergency” meal that is quick and easy! Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Buschmann - Love your recipes!!ReplyCancel

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