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Good nutrition is so important for our kids, but being active is just as important!

Growing up as an only child, many times I was looking for things to do by myself. I would ride my bike, hit the tennis ball in the garage for hours (I was definitely going to the Olympics), jog, set up obstacle courses, and even hiked on the Sope Creek trails. I also played a variety of sports my parents introduced me to and I don’t think I ever slowed down. I’m so glad I established these habits and found such joy in being physically active at such a young age. And now that I’m approaching my……well, in my 30s, I still love to be active, and I do it as much as I can. Being an athlete, or at least, being involved in sports, has given me a satisfaction and confidence as an adult that I never knew could exist. There’s no way to describe the feeling of accomplishment after a big race (even if you’re a tortoise like myself) or just a super fun and challenging mountain biking adventure with some good friends! Alice finally did her first back bend by herself yesterday and kept saying “I’m so proud of myself!”. You can’t teach that feeling!! 

Take them on a hike, do yoga, rock climbing (we love ATL rocks!), play freeze tag, toss the ball around, set up an obstacle course in the backyard, race each other to the end of the street, or just take an after dinner stoll. You will feel good, too!

I think Alice made up this reverse plank. Is that a yoga pose??