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Hamburger bowl

There is nothing better than a loaded hamburger with all of the fixins. And, for someone who follows a paleo or whole 30 type plan, I love mine with a crispy lettuce wrap. I’m also usually looking for a good side dish because, yeah, I eat a lot. Chips, potato salad, coleslaw won’t really work. So what else can I do? So I thought, why not just add everything I love on a burger and just mix it all together? How simple is that? But it needs something to brng all together. While some of my favorite toppings are sauteed mushrooms and onions, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, bacon, jalipeno, to name a few, my biggest requirement lately is this new amazing mayonase by Primal Kitchen. It is the perfect touch!

Anyway so instead lettuce (which would get soggy), I got some pre-cut cabbage and sauteed that in some butter, bacon grease or avocado oil. Then in a separate pan I cooked about 1.5 lbs of grassfed ground beef. Then I added that to the cabbage, along with all of my favorite burger toppings, lots of my new favorite mayo to the mix (don’t skimp on this, it makes ALL the difference!), a big drizzle of avocado oil because well why not, and that was it. OMG was so good! I’ll be eating this for lunch all week. 

I hope you guys like it! What are your favorite burger toppings??

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hamburger mash
  1. Warm a medium pan or skillet to medium high and cook the ground beef stirring occasionally until done.
  2. While that is cooking, get out a big pot and add some butter, bacon grease or avocado oil and sautee the veggies. If using mushrooms do that first since it takes longer to cook. Otherwise if just using cabbage (I use the precut cabbage) add that and cook until wilty and soft.
  3. Then add the beef and any other ingredients you want to your hamburger bowl to the cooked cabbage pot. Don't forget the mayo!
  4. Garnish with avocado, fresh tomato, bacon bits, jalipeno (I'm loving the jarred ones lately) and enjoy!!

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