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Good one to end on (for the Winter)….

I wasn’t sure I was going to get the chance to post this soup before Spring time, especially with the temperatures reaching 85 last week. But, with temperatures going down in the 30’s this week, it’s actually a great time for my final soup post of the Winter. And it’s a good one, I promise! In fact, we loved it so much, Alice, my 11 year old daughter, said it was her new favorite, and I have to agree with her. My husband and father-in-law loved it, too! Tate, my 8 year old son, said it “wasn’t his favorite” but I hope (for his sake!) he will learn to love it because it is a new staple of ours.
I first had this Zucchini Cilantro Soup a few weeks back at a luncheon (thanks for the recipe, Jennifer!) and it blew me away. I couldn’t wait to try to recreate a dairy-free version. I’ve never cooked with a poblano pepper before. It added such a nice (and surprisingly mild) flavor!! With the pepper, fresh garlic and lots of cilantro, this flavorful soup hooked me. Anyway, take advantage of the cool weather this week and try it while you can. It was super easy to make! I hope you guys love it!
_DSC3789cr_DSC3796cI love to make my soups (like the bacon cauliflower or butternut squash) heartier by adding protein. It’s way more satisfying! 
Stay warm and enjoy the beautiful weather!
Cilantro Zuchinni Soup
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  1. 4-5 tbsp butter or ghee (I love it with ghee)
  2. 1 large leek, white and tender green parts only, thinly sliced
  3. 1 large poblano—cored, seeded and thinly sliced
  4. 5 medium zucchini (2 1/4 pounds), cut into 1-inch rounds
  5. 2 large garlic cloves
  6. 1 tbsp sea salt
  7. 1 tsp ground pepper
  8. 1 quart low-sodium chicken broth
  9. 1 cup fresh cilantro, stemmed and coarsely chopped
  10. 1/3 cup of the fat from the full fat coconut milk OR about 3-4 tbsp of ghee or butter (I love the ghee with this)
  1. In a large pot, add 4-5 tbsp of butter or ghee and saute the leeks, poblano and garlic.
  2. Allow it to cook until it softens (about 6-8 minutes).
  3. Then add the zucchini and cook until it starts to soften (about 5 minutes).
  4. Pour the chicken broth into the pot with everything above and bring it to a boil.
  5. Then turn the heat down to low medium cook until the zucchini is no longer bright green.
  6. Add the cilantro and the fat from the full fat coconut milk and blend with an immersion blender until you reach the consistency desired.
  7. Enjoy immediately!
Adapted from Food and Wine
Adapted from Food and Wine
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  • amanda fraraccio - This sounds yummy, where does the polenta come in? are you serving it over polenta?ReplyCancel

  • tricia - This is DELICIOUS. Perfect for a Whole30. Everyone loved it – husbands, kids, the baby, people not on Whole30, everyone! We’ve passed the recipe on to several people already.ReplyCancel

    • landriav - Thanks so much Tricia! Nice to hear. It is SO good, isn’t it? 🙂ReplyCancel

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