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What NOT to make for dinner…

Hey, real quick but I wanted to let y’all know, in case anyone is interested, that I am also having another “Prepping Kid for School with Nutrition at ACHIM. The parents’ session is Saturday Sept 27th at 9:30am and the kids’ event (with snacks) is Sunday September 28th at 4:00pm. It’s $40 per event or $30 per event if you sign up for both Saturday’s and Sunday’s event. Please email Brooke to register:

Okay, so on to our Thursday night dinner…

You may have heard me say it before but in cooking family meals, you will win some, and you will loose some but we have to keep trying, right? How else will we learn what we like and what we don’t. So it was Thursday night, close to 6:00pm, and my fridge and my motivation were both really low. But, I did have 2 lbs of organic chicken breast from Costco as well and the Trader Joe’s Asian Veggie Mix. I then remembered I bought a Thai paste that is suppose to be awesome.  So, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try it out.

This is the paste, which is made with healthy ingredients. I was so excited to have a new easy go-to meal…

Then after a quick sautee in some coconut oil…

Add some coconut milk and Thai paste and man, this looks great!

Anyway, Alice wanted to sample some dinner so I gave her a small bowl. She asked me if it was spicy and I said “nooo, it’s fiiiiine.” Don’t ever assume. You know what they say. So anyway, she tried it and then immediately jumped up and ran to the bathroom to wash her mouth out with water as if her mouth were on FIRE.

Surely it’s not that spicy, I thought, I so I took a big bite. Well. let’s just say I couldn’t close my mouth, and felt the burn for about 15 minutes. Holy cow was this stuff H-O-T!

So here comes Tate, our sweet guy who is always up for a good laugh. Anyway, we know he likes mildly spicy food but thought it would be interesting to watch his reaction. How mean are me and Alice?? Alice almost couldn’t contain herself while she watched her brother chow down on this crazy hot meal. Knowing Tate is such a good sport, we knew he’d be cool about it and laugh. So please, I am not recommending you ever do this to your kids. But…it was Tate and well, if you know Tate, you know this didn’t bother him in the least. He has a great sense of humor and laughed uncontrollably after he got some almond milk.

Poor, poor unsuspecting Tate…

So maybe it was even too hot for my tough guy.  Oh, and I have no idea what is on his hand so don’t even ask..

Anyway, good thing he is still super strong. Oh Tate…

And fortunately, I had in the freezer our babysitter back up meal. The kids didn’t seem too disappointed our dinner didn’t work out like I had hoped…

And in case you were wondering, I did end up straining the meal in a colander with lots of water, so I could preserve it. I hate to waste food! But, I have to say, while still a little spicy, even being drenched in water, it turned out to be really good. Still too hot for the kids, but it’s been a great lunch for me and Scott.


  • Christi Hoehn - Ohhhh lordy that’s red, that’s really red – I should have warned you a little goes a LONG way with the Mae Ploy!!! 🙂 May want to try that one again with MUCH less – should be a soft orangish red creamy looking sauce with the coconut milk taking front stage! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • landriav - HA Christi! We used the WHOLE bag!!! Yeah, I think you could say we over did it!! 🙂 Thanks for the rec though and will definitely do less next time. It does have a great flavor though!!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny - I always love reading your posts and recipes! Your blog and photos are amazing, but this one was very entertaining. Tate is adorable…so is Alice. I can see that happening here. Thanks for the fun read! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • landriav - Thanks so much Jenny!! You are so sweet! 🙂ReplyCancel

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